Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pierre Pierre Movie

Pierre Pierre MovieDirector Larry Charles, who directed Bruno and Borat, and Actor Jim Carrey are going to team up for Pierre Pierre, an upcoming comedy movie about an an obnoxious Frenchman who's trying to smuggle the Mona Lisa from Paris to London. The film is based on a script by Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton. The movie Pierre Pierre should be released in 2011.

"A French nihilist is asked to smuggle a stolen Mona Lisa from Paris to London. Through the journey he comes to love his home country again."

I'm not fan of Larry Charles' movies, his over-the-top humor is kind of dumb. But on the other hand I'm totally fan of Jim Carrey, a great and talented actor. So I definitely to check out the movie Pierre Pierre when it comes out in theaters. Let's hope that the film will owe more to Jim Carrey's performance than to Larry Charle's lousy taste.

More information about the movie Pierre Pierre soon!